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  • Dr Eloy Linares Målaga - Cafe in Arequipa Peru

    I met the delightful Dr whilst we were having a coffee in a cafe. He walked in and I couldn't resist approaching this unique character for his time to do his portrait. It was tricky as we didn't speak each others tongues - but it is simply amazing what a little gesturing and sign language can communicate. Turns out he is the leading specialist in petroglyphs of Toro Muerto (largest collection of Inca rock art). He first brought the site to the worlds attention over 40 years ago. He insisted we come with him on a day trip out to see them, but with our crazy schedule there was just no way - NEXT TIME! 3 Jan 2008

  • John Smith- tour guide

    New Years Day, Ica - Peru

  • Pelican ... Happy New Years Day

    whilst waiting for our boat to pick us up to Ballestas Islands, Pisco - an incredible wildlife reserve which was hit by an enormous earthquake August 2007. We are one of the first groups of tourists to return here ... and the destruction is still so evident. The islands off the coast are however spectacular, literally coated with birds and seals. 1.1.08

  • Vanessa Hescline - Cruz del Condor

    One of the most spectacular views overlooking the condors in flight over the Colca Canyon, Vanessa was selling cactus fruit which are actually delicious -refreshing and apparently fix an upset stomach.

  • Markus Lemle - Day 2 of the Inca Trail, Paquamayu

    Oh my god - we survived Dead Womans Pass - one of the most amazing days of my life ... pure magic. 9 January 2008

  • Erin Bastion - Pacaymayo, Inca trail Day 2

    Erin shared with me the last leg of climb to the peak of Dead Womans Pass on day 2 - we were both broken souls who cried in delight reaching that summit ... there are no words to describe the peak which you reach in the rain ... 4200m, aligned with the snow peaks wearing only a tshirt and a light plastic poncho. To arrive at the freezing blowy top shaking.. yet gazing over to the other side of the mountain to see a blue sky, pristine garden, as though God himself were welcoming you... the cobbled stairs of the trail leading you down into paradise ... and having a buddy to share those m&ms with .. Ill NEVER forget it.

  • Carlos Vasquezalas (Eddie Murphy) - Tour Guide - Sun Gate, Machu Picchu, Peru

    I drew this sitting literally on the Sun Gate ... and amazingly we were the only ones there ... and that never happens ... the clouds were toying with us showing us little peeks of Machu Picchu ... we tried to catch every glimpse fearing it would be in cloud when we arrive ... thank you mother nature for having a better plan in stalled for us :) 10 Jan 2008

  • Ray - Colca Canyon eco lodge

  • Javier Cotrado, Juli, Lago Titikaka

    The son of the boat operator that took us across Lake Titikaka to see the floating islands and over to where we did the home-stay. Sitting 3811m above sea level, it is the highest navigable lake in the world ... and it really is quite mysterious and stunning. It was a long trip on the boat and doing Javiers portrait was a nice way to pass time ... he did a gorgeous one of me too !

  • Javier Contrado - take 2

  • Octauio Pacompia Mamani, Lake Titicaca home-stay

    14 De Enero 2008

  • Elsa Mamani Juli - Lake Titicaca home-stay

  • Roni - Lake Titicaca

  • Joyce Moore

    Miami to JFK ... Jan 20 2008