Shakhino Guevara - student

"Great experience! Spontaneous sketches, very cool!" Met Shakhino and his friends just after they finished participating in a bunch of sporting events of the Summer Streets Festival ... Astor Place, Manhattan. 3 August 2013

Matthew Rogers - chocolatier

Great fun to meet Matthew, visiting New York with his boyfriend for a wedding. ... Astor Place, NYC. 3 August 2013

Romel Alleyne - serving 2nd year in military

Originally from Washington now Philadelphia visiting New York. ... 14th St / Union Square. 3 August 2013

Jadwiga Chrusciel - daughter of General Antoni Chrusciel (Monter)

A result of stumbling across the only Polish church on Manhatten completely by chance just as a service commemorating the 69th Anniversary of The Warsaw Uprising was commencing ... the uniforms got my curiosity and asking about the event afterwards lead me to meet Jadwiga who not only turned out to be the daughter of a key figure of the Warsaw Uprising, but a fascinating individual I wish I had more time to get to know. ... Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr. 101 East 7th Street. 4 August 2013

Elzbieta Poplawska - Journalist for Nowy Dziennik (Polish Daily News NY)

I met Elzbieta as a direct result of drawing Jadwiga ... Elzbieta was coving the story of the Warsaw Uprising when she spotted me drawing Jadwiga ... I had started wandering down the street when she stopped me curious to see what publication I was with - the last thing she expected was for me turn out to be a tourist / artist from Australia. ... Cafe 7A. 109 Avenue New York. 4 August 2013.

Zak - artist

Exploring the little area of Manhatten known as Alphabet City whos curious name originates from its Avenues A, B, C, and D, being the only avenues in Manhattan to have single-letter names, I came across a concert at Tompkins Square Park. It turned out to be held in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots which was being held, to quote the organisers "so people will never forget the gestapo like tactics the police used against the homeless that night at the park 25yrs ago which led to the community of the Lower East Side to riot against cops who hid their badges as they attack people without provocation" ... Tompkins Square Park NYC. 4 August 2013.

Frank Marino - drummer, teacher, author

I also met Frank during the Tompkins Square Park Riot Concert ... a fabulous eccentric character who was hard to miss - he turned out to be a fascinating individual who shared with me a perspective on a whole subculture and history of New York that would have been easy to overlook with all the distractions of todays glitter on offer. ... Tompkins Square Park NYC. 4 August 2013.

Sinead Hanley - Designer & illustrator from Melbourne

... and also my roomie - was fun to reconnect after way too many years of not seeing each other. Drew this after Sinead had a small running in with our kettle ... the kettle won thus the little humor of her injury featuring in the portrait :) Drawn on a windy day while we explored the Highline. ... New York. 9 August 2013.

Kevin Kallmyer - debate lecturer visiting from Washington DC

I met Kevin just as he arrived straight off a bus visiting NY for the first time as an adult ... found him chilling out on the Highline taking in the atmosphere before meeting up with friends and hitting New York. ... Highline - New York City. 9 August 2013

Jeremy - designer from London

"Inside a New York dream!" One of the fantastic effects of weddings ... the bringing together of people from all over the world ... I met Jeremy and his partner Giuseppe a couple years ago in London ...

Giuseppe Cannas - Head of Hair and Make Up – National Theatre London

... and here we found ourselves in Tarrytown New York celebrating the wedding of our dear friend together ... I drew these portraits as we w recovering after the wedding on the lush green lawns of Terrytown House on what turned out to be a rather warm day .. 11 August 2013.

The gorgeous cheeky miss Lake

Absolutely loved getting a little time with this young lady ... New York. 12 August 2013

Chalmaine Darlington - art student

I stumbled on Chalmaine and her boyfriend on a perfect day down by the rocks of the Ladies Pavilion in a setting straight out of some romantic movie ... Central Park 13 August 2013

Ben Walker

It was the day of the great experiment ... me and a small camera crew on the streets of Brooklyn doing a great dance with Serendipity ... Ben was the first Lifelines subject to cross our path, and I couldnt' have hoped to meet a nicer person who didn't mind the camera ... I just wish I had been able to fit in his tats! ... Bar Tequila Brooklyn NY. 14 August 2013

Ellen Thompson - writer

I have to say I kept being surprised at the openness and contributions of the individuals I met here in NY ... even with the camera on them. Ellen, a writer for numerous magazines turned out to be a perfect random interaction who was really able to articulate her experience of meeting me and Lifelines as a process ... Grand Ferry Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn. 16 August 2013.

Stacy Dillard - jazz saxophonist

The third and last of the characters who I got to draw with the camera crew was the very cool Stacy who turned out to be a jazz musician. The twist to this story is that I left Brooklyn heading uptown Manhattan about an hour after I drew Stacy in a cab... after it crossed the bridge I found myself in a traffic jam in Lower East Side, being in a hurry for a meeting uptown, I jumped out of the cab figuring the train may well be the better option .. with no time to spare, I asked the first random person I crossed to confirm I was getting the right train - it was ... once on we got chatting and I ended up showing Jonathan the portraits of the day - he turned out to a friend of Stacys and a fellow Jazz musician ... what are the odds! .... N. 8th & Bedford, Brooklyn NY. 16 August 2013

Sebastian Moreira - director

I got to work with Sebastian and Lauren his assistant in a way Ive never had to before ... I placed myself in front of the camera whilst he took control of my image ... its a tough thing to ask me, an art director to let go that way! ... but it was a really fun experience and yet another way to explore what Lifelines looks like through the eyes of someone that's NOT me ... now to see what it morphs into through this process ... After the shoot I thought it only fair to turn the camera and pen on him drawing his Lifelines and giving him a first person experience before he hit the edit-suite ... can't wait to see the result ... An Nhau Pub, Williamsburg- Brooklyn NY. 16 August 2013.