Patricio Valueric - artist (Cemuart) -Cuenca

One of my favourite encounters in Ecuador ... whilst shopping for our Secret Santa gifts with a couple of the girls, we wandered into an art markets, Cemuart (General Torres 7-33) ... I spotted on the wall of one of the stores a fantastic portrait done in a similar style to mine and enquired about it. This is how I got to meet Patricio, Ivan and a couple other fantastic characters who were some of the artists working from here. I could hardly resist doing these portraits and I've never had a more delighted reaction ... 24 December 2007

Gustavo Lopez Moreno - Artist, Cuenca

Wandering down Luis Cordero in Cuenca, we came across a little gallery. Here we met Gusavo, a contemporary artist who we spent a little time with having a creative exchange ... Ill always treasure the little portrait he did of me and the painting I bought. 24 December 2007