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Jan 30, 2011

four days to go ... things are looking smok'n ?!

Yes, only four days before we are due to fly to Bali .... but it would appear Indonesia is warming up for our arrival in perhaps a more dramatic a fashion then we would like to anticipate .... Mount Bromo, a 2,300 metre volcano in eastern Java has decided to take up smoking in recent days, currently stranding around 1,500 passengers.

Im not sure that it’s particularly serious - however the ash cloud could quite easily create a few issues for our planned arrival ... hmm ... I guess we wait and see what comes of this bizarre predicament.

Closer to home it would also appear mother nature is planning to put on another show with Cyclone Bianca heading directly for Perth ... what started as a category 3 cyclone forecast as potentially the worst in 40 years for Perth, has thankfully now been scaled down to a category 1 which is still harsh but supposedly much less damaging. Its due to hit us in the next several hours .... awesome.

In the meantime thinking positive ... last minute organising still 100% go !

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