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Jan 28, 2012

Lazy surf'n sun inspiration

Perth is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave!

We've had a run of 40˚c+ temperatures, spectacular unforecast storms and humidity which saps the very life from you the minute you step out of your air-conditioned bubble.

You would think we were all permanently in nothing more than tiny bits of cloth covering barely the essentials with all this heat ... in actual fact, I find myself grateful for my cardigan most days when in the office - irrelevant what the season outside might be.

But yes, the bikini's get their fair share of time in the sun. We do love the outdoors here ... and where better to run to during a scorcher weekend than one of our gorgeous beaches - even if recent rumors would suggest they are shark-infested!

I threw the sketchbook into my beach-bag as I ran out the door this morning ... turned out the laziness of Cottesloe was just right to catch Jacky still for long enough to get the drawing and capture the mood of our summer beach sessions ...

See the drawing

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