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Oct 27, 2014


"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”
-Pablo Picasso

Through Lifelines and my pop-up Champagne & Charcoal classes, I would like to give grown-ups who may have strayed from their childhood creative selves, an opportunity to rediscover what it feels like to be an artist whilst confronting their hesitations of drawing the human form ... armed with charcoal in one hand, and a glass of bubbly in the other.

The classes are guided and offer individuals the opportunity to challenge not only their drawing skills, but how they look and see things in a completely uncompetitive environment. 

Classes are suitable for ALL levels of experience, with novices possibly finding the most surprising outcomes.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch.

If you might be interested in upcoming classes or short courses, please register your interest.
mobile - 0415 102 029

"Aneta’s teaching method’s were unique and effective. She challenged everyone to open their mind, and to see things in light and shade, rather than simply in conventional borders.

I walked in to the class as a drawer, and I think it’s not too bold to say that when I walked out, I was on my way to becoming an artist, or at least understanding art.

It is not often that one can see – quite literally – how much has been learned in the space of a couple of hours. I think this is valuable because it proves that people can develop skills completely outside of their comfort zone.

I expect that I will draw on this experience for confidence when I am next faced with performing a task that is outside my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed the class and I would be keen do a course. I think that doing things that are completely out of step with the rest of your daily routine helps to ensure a broad experience of life.

And of course, live art is a great reminder that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes."

-Kim, Highgate

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Feb 20, 2011

'Lost in Bali' story by Kim Mcdonald, photos by Aneta Wnek in the 'Weekend West'

'Lost in Bali' story by Kim Mcdonald, photos by Aneta Wnek in the 'Weekend West'

19 February 2011
pages 47-51

Quite excited to have my photos feature in this Weekend West with the photo of Gede over half the page ... will be really interesting to hear the response from the article ... 

ps : thanks Kimmi for your support! 

See the photos and lifelines portraits from Bali.

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Jan 30, 2011

four days to go ... things are looking smok'n ?!

Yes, only four days before we are due to fly to Bali .... but it would appear Indonesia is warming up for our arrival in perhaps a more dramatic a fashion then we would like to anticipate .... Mount Bromo, a 2,300 metre volcano in eastern Java has decided to take up smoking in recent days, currently stranding around 1,500 passengers.

Im not sure that it’s particularly serious - however the ash cloud could quite easily create a few issues for our planned arrival ... hmm ... I guess we wait and see what comes of this bizarre predicament.

Closer to home it would also appear mother nature is planning to put on another show with Cyclone Bianca heading directly for Perth ... what started as a category 3 cyclone forecast as potentially the worst in 40 years for Perth, has thankfully now been scaled down to a category 1 which is still harsh but supposedly much less damaging. Its due to hit us in the next several hours .... awesome.

In the meantime thinking positive ... last minute organising still 100% go !

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Jan 13, 2011

Bali planning ... a taste of extremes to come

Coming up in just a couple of weeks, I am heading to Bali!

Despite being only a 3 hour flight from Perth, and relatively cheap - probably cheaper than heading over to any other Australian destination if you pick your timing right ... this will be my first trip over. I guess I've always figured if Im going to go somewhere, it might as well be one of the places on the top of my list.

This is not to say I haven't wanted to go, it would just seem that it's a destination that is best visited with a group of friends  .... exactly how we are planning this trip.

I guess the twist comes in that we are planning to spend the first portion of the holiday in 5 star villas celebrating a friends birthday ... and the second half, experiencing the shocking third world truths of life there for certain locals ... behind the scenes ... away from the plush tourist villages.

I am joining a friend who is a reporter here in Perth who is taking the opportunity to write a story or two whilst over there. One covering the mistreatment of mentally ill individuals and one Doctors plight to bring treatment to these individuals and education to the communities. The other about the efforts of a couple of big-hearted women, I believe originally from Perth, who are fighting to maintain an orphanage they started.

I can't say I am all that prepared for what may await, especially in that second portion. But I hope to be able to capture something of these people to bring to my website at the very least. I go with simply an open mind armed with my sketch books and pens .... and a hell of a lot of mozzie spray to keep that Dengi Fever at bay! ... 

Eat, Pray, Love?

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