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Sep 8, 2012

Startup Weekend adventure

It is not often that I am reminded of the power of 'the journey' rather than the destination.

I am writing this at 7am after 3 hour sleep on the third day of the Startup Weekend at Spacecubed.

My team of 6 have now been at our 'business startup development' for over 30 hours. We've 'pivoted' at least 6 times and our heads are spinning. We lost 2 members along the way who'd given up hope ... and I myself was left wondering how mad I probably was taking this 'leap into the future'.

Yet, here I am actually completely buzzing and excited this morning eager to see how all this will eventuate.

I still laugh at the fact that we started "predicting the future of events" like sport and politics ... somehow pivoting to designing virtual change rooms for 15 year old girls ... And now, we're feeding the egos of fashionistas.  

It is worth pointing out that I am the only girl on our team- and no I did not propose this theme of fashion!

Bring on today .. What a journey ... What a ride... But more importantly - how much fun am I having!

Through the madness, frustration and confusion .. I find 'for now', I still love my crazy team of Pivot boys (Kevin, Paul, Alfred, Carl & Jo) ... Can't wait to see how day 3 unfolds! 

UPDATE >> check out SUPERMODELme final presentation here.

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