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Jul 22, 2011

Europe calling ...

It's been brewing for an understated 'while' ...

I've had more near misses getting back there than I dare to admit ... but it would seem the exotic lure of the Americas and Asia have kept this one postponed a little longer than I had intended ... 9 years!

Yet, here it is ... the time for planning my next cultural adventure is upon me ...

Perhaps Im looking for that contrast from what might seem so familiar now .... but it might just be that Im just a little homesick for the landscapes from my childhood.

I hope the time apart and the loss of familiarity will allow me to see this part of the world with new eyes ... to see what I no longer noticed ... and, as with any journey - to find fresh inspiration in wonderful people and places ...  to discover their lifelines and share some of their stories.

Let the planning begin!

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