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Jul 9, 2013

VIDEO : Session 2 : Lifelines of Art gallery of WA ... A welcome reminder

One of the things I love the most about creating Lifelines portraits, are the people I meet.

I like catching individuals off guard a little when I ask them to sit for me ... and then surprising them with the experience.

But despite having drawn numerous portraits to date, the best thing is, the surprise and being caught off guard, actually happens both ways ...

Meeting Ann

I met Ann last weekend at The Art Gallery ... perhaps it was her initial hesitation and shyness which on first impressions made her the most unlikely suspect to move me the way she did ... but her openness, sincerity and the way she allowed me into her personal space - really reminded me of why I keep doing this.

As she mentions ... "It's sad how fearful we've become of other people", and it moved me to have her say how meeting me this way challenged that fear for her.

... she said she found herself at Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond to see one of her favourites, "Dali and his ability to offer lots of perspectives and ways to see things" ... she spoke about her sadness seeing the lack of celebration of Aboriginal people here in Australia, but she feels herself drawn to art as here are celebrated.

Portraits of session 2 :
Andy Quilty, Ricardo Garzon, Christine Della, Natalie R, Kleve Jorgenson, Dennis Dratt, Ann Atkinson. 

Click below to see the portraits and photos from the day.

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