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Jul 14, 2013

Session 3 : A different perspective on history

My third session with Lifelines at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond was as colourful in encounters as ever ... and I just don't meet a characters like Konstantinos everyday!

Interestingly, just about every one of the individuals I sat with when asked what it was about this exhibition that brought them to it, said that aside from the obvious lure of seeing the Masters in Perth, it was through a curiosity of history in one form or another ... Van Gogh’s complex and chaotic life .... the symbolic language within the paintings telling stories of troubled times ... and trying to make sense of the evolution of what we define as art ..

Portraits of session 3 : 
Pete Dingey, Konstantinos Panegyos, Christian Gelavis, Aleisha Crump, Lei Zhang, Sophie Manning.

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