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Jun 23, 2013

Lifelines ... of an Art Gallery of Western Australia Grand Opening ...

Arriving at The Art Gallery on opening night – it was clearly going to be a special evening ...

There was no peeking into the main foyer with curtains adding to a sense of anticipation on arrival. On entry, it was fantastic to see the creative touch transforming the space into a surrealist canvas where we found ourselves sheltering underneath a giant version of one of Dali's melting watches while we sipped our sparkling and indulged in our Hestonesque style horderves.

Once upstairs, I was relieved to have a familiar face with me to warm up my pen and paper, and to help me ease into it (thank you Ange) .. but as it turned out, the vibe of the event, and the delight of the exhibition made it a fantastic setting for me to meet some great personalities to start off my Lifelines portrait collection from the Art Gallery of Western Australia's MoMA Series ... Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond: The World Reimagined ...

Portraits of session 1 :
James McMilkin, Rhianna Bond, Leanne Tollis, Angela Pownall, Steve Cartledge. 

Click below to meet the characters from Opening Night.

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