Lifelines is an ongoing collection of live, spontaneous, 10 minute portraits of individuals I meet in life, and when I travel these drawings become a visual diary for me. They have always been a just a private thing, but now these drawing and their stories, supported by my photography, have taken on a new evolution ... this web site.




I have always loved photographing the places I visit, but Lifelines as the portraits, had their innocent, sketchy beginnings on a trip to Thailand with friends in 2004 ... only weeks before the Tsunami wiped clean the very places we had just met so many wonderful people. 


Since that time I find myself addicted to drawing these portraits when I travel ... at times of completely random strangers I come across in the street. It's an amazing exchange of experiences between myself and these individuals - especially when some of the boundaries are of massive cultural differences and language itself ... these all vanish and what remains is a fantastic, 'human' moment and a lasting impression for both of us. 


I live in Perth, Western Australia ... incidentally the most isolated city in the world ... and whilst I have a selection of drawings from here, Thailand, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Vietnam and most recently India and Bhutan are among the international locations in the collection so far.


This web site is a celebration of the amazing, diverse people, places and cultures I have been lucky enough to have experienced - and those that are still around the corner. I hope to inspire others to seek out the beauty in that which is contrasting and different, .... as well as that which is familiar and perhaps taken for granted. Respect it, learn from it ... preserve it.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become a part of Lifelines, however it might be that our paths have crossed ... even if just in the cyber-world ... your support is priceless to me.


* Lifelines are not intended to make the subject look good or bad - they are simply captured moments.
Love or hate the end result ... either reaction is the right one.

Lifelines by aneta 
- portraits of Serendipity

graphic designer / art director / artist / photographer